The top 3 tools for work collaboration

by Rossa Brown

Every organization is different, but the need for collaboration is a common thread that weaves through all workplaces. There is a wide range of tools available to help support effective online collaboration, let’s explore which ones suit your company best.

Collaboration and teamwork are some of the most important ingredients in ensuring a smooth-running, productive business. The pooling of ideas and skills between colleagues boosts morale, increases accountability, helps people learn from each other, and ensures a more well-rounded and successful product or service.

So how can businesses support collaboration, and what resources can they provide to make this happen? Well, it all depends on where employees are based and what sort of platform they need to communicate on. The plethora of digital platforms on which people can communicate nowadays makes online collaboration easy and efficient.

Video calling: for meetings with remote teammates

Part of the beauty of ever-advancing technology is that staying in contact with people – no matter where in the world they are – couldn’t be easier.

Video calls mean that employees in the office can hold meetings with those working from home, in other branches or even on far-flung business trips abroad. Video call platforms make joining meetings accessible to everyone, meaning no one has to miss out on discussions.

An online platform for storing shared files

One way to ensure smooth collaboration is by creating a space for teammates to save all their work so that every document, image, video, and idea is available to the rest of the team when needed.

This way, all those involved in the project can keep up to date with what’s been done and what’s next on the to-do list. Everybody is involved in and familiar with the project’s process and progress.

It also means that if somebody involved in the project is off sick, away on holiday or unavailable for any reason, their work is accessible to everybody – reducing the time spent searching for documents and making frantic phone calls.

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